Thursday, September 2, 2010

Designer Vs. Deal

I have fallen in love with too many items that cost too much. I went on a mission determined to find similar items that were more budget friendly and I think I did a pretty good job. Can you tell which of the items in the set is more expensive?

I think that one of the hottest items this season will be the studded clog, one of these is $595 and one is only $29!

I also LOVE lace (hence the blog name). Long sleeve black lace is totally in right now and I must have one, but which one is $25 and which one is $385?

Satchel bags are another fall must-have one of these bags is $1,250 and one is $47, but which is which?

The last item that I am dying to get is a bib necklace one of these is $950 while the other is only $15

I hope you had fun guessing the item on the left in each set was the less expensive item! Here are all the items with links for you shopping pleasure!


  1. I was right on everything but the clogs! xo

  2. i wanted a satchel for years! i'm waiting for the right one :) xx

    love your picks!

  3. oh lawd! I have a problem lol I liked everything on the right besides the lace dress :S

  4. OMG- I only got one wrong (and I am so glad I did)! I am heading over to grab those clogs now!