Monday, August 30, 2010

DIY Decor

I am moving into a new apartment next week for my senior year of college (eekkk!!) I am so excited and it is a great excuse to go shopping for new decor. I was so excited I kind of went overboard on the shopping part, which isn't unusual for me. However once I get to school there will be bills to pay so I had a fun idea for budget friendly wall decorations.

First I found some great photos of old Vogue covers online at British Vogue like this one,

August 1940

Then I resized them to 5x7 and printed them on photo paper

click to zoom

Then I found two cute frames at TJ Maxx for $9.99 however the paint was chipping a bit so I asked them to reduce the price and I got them for only $9.00 each!

click to zoom

Once I got the frames home I filled in the chipped paint with black sharpie and they are good as new!

Here is the final product...

click to zoom

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I am really pleased with the outcome, what do you think?

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

LC in Anthropologie

LAUREN CONRAD photo | Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad was spotted in none other then Anthopologie! She paired the Mullany dress with a pair of peep toe shoes and ruby red lipstick.

The dress is still available on Anthropologie for $259. If you love this dress, but it is out of your price budget here are some dresses from Modcloth that may be a better fit for you.

Ellipsis Dress

Ellipsis $54.99

Behind the Seams Dress

Behind the Seams $53.99

Valerie June Dress

Valerie June $117.99

Mary Queen of Spots Dress

Mary Queen of Spots $49.90

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bilson's Basics on a Budget

RACHEL BILSON photo | Rachel Bilson
Photo via People
Rachel Bilson can make anything look amazing, here she is wearing cut-off denim shorts and a white top, so simple...but couldn't be cuter! The great thing about this simple outfit is that it can easily be recreated for any budget. Here is an outfit inspired by Bilson's for about $100!

$20 -
Denim shorts »

Nine West Getby
$40 -
Wedge platform sandals »

Hey Ya Wayfarer
$2.99 -
Wayfarer sunglasses »

I love this outfit so much and all the pieces are so versatile they are worth buying and wearing again and again!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Under my Umbrella

It has been raining here for three days in a row, I'm trying not to let the weather bring me down. Here is an outfit I would love to be wearing that would be sure to brighten up this dreary day.

What do you do to brighten up you day?

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Interior Fashions

Two of my all time favorite shows, Gossip girl & Sex in the City, have a lot in common. For instance, they both take place in NYC and both feature fabulous fashion. What you may not know is that the sets for both shows were designed by the amazingly talented Christina Tonkin. Here are photos of the rooms she has designed for Gossip Girl.

Serena's Room

Chuck's Room

The Humphrey Home

Blair's Room

And the #1 closet I would love to raid, Blair's Closet

Photos via Christina Tonkin Interiors

Christina does an amazing job of having the rooms that she creates become an extension of the character where no detail goes unnoticed. I would love to have her creative genius when it comes to home decor!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Under the Sea

Fashion was taken to the next level this past weekend in Seoul, South Korea where they held an underwater fashion show. The models were both athletic and graceful as they 'swam' the runway. Here are some amazing photos from the event.

Models in Seoul water tank

Models in Seoul water tank

Models in Seoul water tank

Images via metro

If anyone doesn't believe that fashion is a true art these photos will make them a believer!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh La La

I haven't posted an outfit in a while, I have been working on this one on Polyvore and wanted to share it with you all! I can picture myself wearing this outfit strolling down the streets of Paris on the arm of some beautiful Parisian man of course!

For those of you who use Polyvore, what do you think of the new layout? I personally love it!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gossip Girl Teaser

I don't know if you are obsessed with Gossip Girl as I am, but if you are check out this teaser video. The new season not only takes place in Paris (ahh) but seems to be full of classic GG drama!

Video via youtube

Will you be watching?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Die for Fashion

Everyone knows Rachel Zoe for her sense of style and her fun sayings like "bananas" or "I Die", which is the theme for her latest fashion shoot where Rachel literally 'dies' for fashion. The shoot features Rachel and various designers 'killing her' for the love of fashion!

Check out the photos from the shoot.

Rachel and Francisco Costa

Rachel and Marc Jacobs

Rachel and Vera Wang

Rachel and Brian Atwood

Rachel and Michael Kors

Images via Harpers Bazaar

How fun are these photos?

Which designer would you 'Die' for?