Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

Infinity Scarves are such a big trend right now, and I love them. Scarves can add so much to an outfit, infinity scarves add style and trendiness to any outfit. Here are some cute (and affordable) infinity scarves that are a must have.

Rubbish scarve

Rubbish scarve (see more red shawls)

Nordstrom $18

Charlotte Russe scarve

Charlotte Russe scarve (see more knit scarves)

Charlotte Russe $13

Tarnish scarve

Tarnish scarve (see more wrap scarves)

Nordstrom $38

Old Navy scarve

Old Navy scarve (see more sequin shawls)

Old Navy $20

Tarnish scarve

Tarnish scarve (see more loop scarves)

Nordstrom $28

Frenchi scarve

Frenchi scarve (see more knit scarves)

Nordstrom $22

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