Saturday, June 19, 2010

Disney Couture

Disney has a hand in virtually every industry today and now Disney is even part of the Couture circle. The Disney Couture Jewelry line features beautiful pieces inspired by the classic Disney films we all know and love. Here are some of my favorite pieces.
Disney Couture - Dream Necklace

Disney Couture - Pocahontas Beaded Bracelet
Disney Couture - Tinkerbell With Charm Bangle
Disney Couture - Cinderella Charm Collection Gift Box
Disney Couture - Pixie Flowers Hoops
Disney Couture - Pocahontas DreamWeaver Earrings

These pieces are the perfect pairing of childhood memories and couture, which is you favorite?


  1. I love the Alice in Wonderland necklace! I wonder if they have any Little Mermaid jewelry.

  2. the alice in wonderland piece is amazing! i also adore the tinkerbell bangle, so cute ♥