Friday, June 11, 2010

Modern Day Mad Men

AMC's hit show Mad Men, set in the 1960's has some of the best costumes on TV. The wardrobe is so beautiful, I have been inspired to put together some modern day twists on the costumes worn by Joan and Betty.
mad men
Joan's outfit
Betty's outfit


  1. I knew that yellow dress was from Anthropologie! I have a serious addiction to that store. Love the post! xo

  2. Hi, and a warm welcome to blogland. I love the skirt and blouse combination. xx

  3. Found your blog through Debby. Looks like fun! Look forward to following!

  4. Hello! Love the yellow dress! Very cute blog. I follow your aunt's blog. She is such a sweetheart! Have a great day! Love your closet post too! How I would wish my closet would look like any one of those!

  5. Thank you all for the nice comments and for following my blog!