Monday, July 26, 2010

Office Wear

Olivia Palermo looks great wearing her own trendy version of a three piece suit.
Olivia Palermo Disappearing Before Our Eyes!
Photo via Posh24
I have a site visit for my internship with my professor from school tomorrow. Of course the big question on my mind is.."What am I going to wear?". So I went shopping today. I bought a Kenneth Cole pencil skirt and an emerald green silk top. I am still playing around with tops to get the perfect look. Who knew this whole office look was so tough!

Any suggestions?


  1. Does Olivia ever have a bad day??

    I like the sound of what you're thinking of wearing...Pencil chic!


  2. she always looks amazing!

  3. olivia palermo is love! maybe invest in a nice fitting blazer? belts are also nice to mess around with :) followed you back!

  4. Oooh I love her outfit look! And I think the two items you chose for your thing, that sounds very appropriate! :D

  5. This look is just gorgeous! I love it!