Friday, July 16, 2010

Purple and Nude

PURPLE DRESSES photo | Kim Kardashian, Miranda Cosgrove, Salma Hayek
Photo via People
I love the look of purple dresses paired with nude heels, and so do the stars above. This look can be worn in a variety of ways such as...



And Edgy

Do you like this trend?


  1. i love this trend
    i just bought a purple dress to wear for graduation and i couldnt decide what colour shoes to get to go with it, but i think uve solved my problem! x

  2. I love purple and have been seeing nude heels a lot lately, they are really growing on me. I have a wedding to go to in Sept. and might need you to dress me before you head back to college! Kim Kardashian looks so beautiful in that pic. xo

  3. Purple is so stunning! I love the first outfit :)