Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hot Topic: Nails

As you may know I am obsessed with nail polish. I love having fun, freshly painted nails in all of the hottest colors. A few months ago I commented on a friends polish color, she told me she got it at Hot Topic, which is a store I don't normally go into.
I got these two matte yesterday to try out the line. I was really impressed, they polishes are vibrant and dry really fast. There were over 35 colors awesome colors to choose from and at only $3 a bottle, I will be going back for more, here are some shades I'm dying to get.

Would you try any of these colors?
Photos via Hot Topic


  1. O my word...who knew Hot Topic sold nail polish!! I am like you, I love new colors! I will def. how to try theirs out. The light tealish green is soo pretty!!

  2. they look super fun to experiment with

  3. These are awesome colours! I'm also a huge nailpolish fan!

  4. These are such crazy fun!