Thursday, August 19, 2010

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Recently Copenhagen held their fashion week, which like all fashion weeks was totally fun and exciting. This years designs were seriously fab and a bit freaky too. Here are some of my favorite runway shots.

Lady Gaga anyone?

Photos via TMZ

It must have been amazing to see all of these outfits walk the runway. I hope to one day go to a fashion show to experience it myself.

What do you think of Copenhagen's fashion?


  1. u totally nailed it - Lady GagGa ALL the way - she'd LOVE this!

  2. uuff i love it!
    i'm hope to one day go to a fashion show too! it will be so ameizing!

  3. Great catwalk looks. I would also love to experence Copenhagen fashion Week. Some day...hopefully!:)SarahD

  4. Would be so exciting to attend a fashion show... BTW, just discovered your lovely ... Need to go read some more!

  5. haha, yes, it's very lady gaga. i do like some of the clothes shown in this post. :)

    <3, Mimi

  6. I simply adore the last look, the dress is absolutely incredible..I love the sinister feel to it.x

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  8. I think a show like this would be so much fun in person! xo

  9. Ohh.. I love the butterfly masks!! And I love the second to last look. But those others are so lady gaga!!

    <3 Kelly